Livres en VO

  • Anglais Alex

    Pierre Lemaitre

    Winner of the CWA International Dagger Award 2013. In kidnapping cases, the first few hours are crucial. After that, the chances of being found alive go from slim to nearly none. Alex Prévost - beautiful, resourceful, tough - may be no ordinary victim, but her time is running out. Commandant Camille Verhoeven and his detectives have nothing to go on: no suspect, no lead, rapidly diminishing hope. All they know is that a girl was snatched off the streets of Paris and bundled into a white van. The enigma that is the fate of Alex will keep Verhoeven guessing until the bitter, bitter end. And before long, saving her life will be the least of his worries.

  • Anglais Zulu

    Caryl Férey

    Ali Neuman, the chief of the Cape Town police crime unit, investigates the murder of Nicole Wiese, found in the city's botanical gardens, and the trail soon leads him to a brutal narcotics gang with links to a former official.

  • Presents a bleak, bitter, black comedy about a world we all recognize but do not wish to confront.

  • Anglais City of windows

    Robert Pobi

    The launch of a major new American thriller series with a standout hero: Lucas Page sees crime from a different angle, and only he can stop a series of impossible killings.

  • Anglais Par accident

    Harlan Coben

    Il y a quinze ans, la vie de Nap a basculé : son frère jumeau et la petite amie de celui-ci ont été retrouvés morts sur la voie ferrée. Double suicide d'amoureux ? Nap n'y a jamais cru.
    Désormais flic, Nap voit ressurgir le passé : un ami d'enfance vient d'être sauvagement assassiné. Sur les lieux du crime, les empreintes d'une femme que Nap pensait disparue : Maura, son amour de jeunesse. Le choc est total. Celle qu'il aimait serait-elle une dangereuse psychopathe ? Et s'il était le prochain sur sa liste ?
    La vérité est proche. Si proche. Bien plus terrible et dangereuse que tout ce que Nap imagine...

  • US Marshal Teddy Daniels has come to Shutter Island, home of Ashecliffe Hospital for the Criminally Insane, to find an escaped murderer named Rachel Solando. As a killer hurricane bears down on the island, the investigation deepens and the questions mount. How has a barefoot woman escaped from a locked room? And what really goes on in Ward C?

  • Anglais Perfidia

    James Ellroy


    There has never been a writer like James Ellroy.' Telegraph Los Angeles, December 6, 1941. Last hopes for peace are shattered when Japanese squadrons bomb Pearl Harbor. War fever and race hate grip the city and the internment of Japanese-Americans begins.

    Following the hellish murder of a Japanese family, three men and one woman are summoned. William H. Parker is a captain on the Los Angeles Police. He's superbly gifted, corrosively ambitious and consumed by dubious ideology. He is bitterly at odds with Sergeant Dudley Smith - Irish emigre, ex-IRA killer and fledgling war profiteer. Kay Lake is a 21-year-old dilettante looking for adventure. Hideo Ashida is a brilliant police chemist and the only Japanese on the payroll.

    Four driven souls - rivals, lovers, history's pawns - thrown into an investigation which will not only rip them apart but take America to the edge of the abyss at a crucial moment in its history.

  • Anglais Da Vinci code

    Dan Brown

    • Corgi
    • 28 Août 2009

    Adventure / thriller

  • One of the best (and longest) crime novels ever written, it is the heart of Ellroy's four-novel masterpiece, the LA Quartet, and an example of crime writing at its most powerful.

  • Anglais Double piège

    Harlan Coben

    • Audiolib
    • 11 Octobre 2017

    Pour surveiller sa baby-sitter, Maya a installé une caméra dans son salon, quand apparaît à l'écran son mari, Joe... qu'elle vient d'enterrer ! Un choc suivi de deux troublantes découvertes : le certificat de décès de Joe a disparu et l'arme impliquée dans sa mort est aussi celle qui a coûté la vie à la soeur de Maya, Claire, quelques mois auparavant dans des circonstances troubles.
    Mort ou vivant, Joe était-il bien l'homme que Maya pensait connaître ? La frontière entre vérité et illusions n'a jamais semblé si floue. La jeune veuve plonge dans les zones d'ombre du passé... à ses risques et périls.

  • When they were children, Sean Devine, Jimmy Marcus and Dave Boyle were friends. But then a strange car pulled up their street. One boy got in the car, two did not, and something terrible happened - something that ended their friendship and changed all three boys forever.

  • Criminal psychologist Dr. Alex Delaware is pushed to his limit like never before in Breakdown by New York Times No.1 bestseller Jonathan Kellerman. Fans of Michael Connelly and Harlan Coben will love this sabre-sharp storytelling from the master of psychological suspense. Dr. Alex Delaware first meets beautiful and emotionally fragile actress Zelda Chase when called upon to evaluate her five-year-old son. Years later, Alex is unexpectedly reunited with Zelda when she is involuntarily committed after a bizarre psychotic episode. But tragedy strikes and shortly after her release, Zelda is discovered dead in the grounds of a palatial L.A. estate. Having experienced more than enough of the city's dark side to recognise the scent of evil, Alex turns to his friend, LAPD Lieutenant Milo Sturgis, for help in finding the perpetrator. Meanwhile, Alex is caught up in another quest: the search for Zelda's missing son. And when other victims vanish from the same upscale neighborhood, worry turns to terror. As Alex struggles to piece together the brief rise and steep fall of a gorgeous, talented actress, he and Milo unveil shattered dreams, the corruption of a family, and a grotesque betrayal of innocence. With each devastating revelation and damning clue, Alex's brilliant mind is challenged as never before - and his determination grows to see a killer caged and the truth set free.

  • It's 1945: a German bomber flies over Iceland in a blizzard. Puzzlingly, there are both German and American officers on board. One of the senior German officers claims that their best chance of survival is to try to walk to the nearest farm and sets off, a briefcase handcuffed to his wrist. He soon disappears into the white vastness.

  • Anglais American tabloïd

    James Ellroy

    CHOSEN BY TIME MAGAZINE AS ONE OF THE TEN BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR"ONE HELLISHLY EXCITING RIDE."Detroit Free PressThe '50s are finished. Zealous young senator Robert Kennedy has a redhot jones to nail Jimmy Hoffa. JFK has his eyes on the Oval Office. J. Edgar Hoover is swooping down on the Red Menace. Howard Hughes is dodging subpoenas and digging up Kennedy dirt. And Castro is mopping up the bloody aftermath of his new communist nation."HARDBITTEN. . . INGENIOUS. . . ELLROY SEGUES INTO POLITICAL INTRIGUE WITHOUT MISSING A BEAT."The New York TimesIn the thick of it: FBI men Kemper Boyd and Ward Littell. They work every side of the street, jerking the chains of made men, street scum, and celebrities alike, while Pete Bondurant, exrogue cop, freelance enforcer, troubleshooter, and troublemaker, has the conscience to louse it all up."VASTLY ENTERTAINING."Los Angeles TimesMob bosses, politicos, snitches, psychos, fall guys, and femmes fatale. They're mixing up a molotov cocktail guaranteed to end the country's innocence with a bang. Dig that crazy beat: it's America's heart racing out of control. . . ."A SUPREMELY CONTROLLED WORK OF ART."The New York Times Book ReviewFrom the Paperback edition.

  • Anglais White jazz

    James Ellroy

    Best-selling crime fiction author James Ellroy returns with the fourth in his LA Quartet.Klein's been hung out as bait, "a bad cop to draw the heat," and the heat's coming from all sides: from local politicians, from LAPD brass, from racketeers and drug kingpins--all of them hell-bent on keeping their own secrets hidden.

  • Anglais Tokyo

    Mo Hayder

    With its heady atmosphere of overt violence, lurking fear and sexual tension, Tokyo grabs the reader and refuses to let go until its shattering final pages. Student Greg Hutchens comes to Tokyo seeking answers to what happened when the Army killed 300,000 civilians.

  • Anglais Police

    Jo Nesbo

    The police urgently need Harry Hole A killer is stalking Oslo''s streets. Police officers are being slain at the scenes of crimes they once investigated, but failed to solve. The murders are brutal, the media reaction hysterical. But this time, Harry can''t help anyone For years, detective Harry Hole has been at the centre of every major criminal investigation in Oslo. His dedication to his job and his brilliant insights have saved the lives of countless people. But now, with those he loves most facing terrible danger, Harry can''t protect anyone. Least of all himself.

  • Anglais Tu me manques

    Harlan Coben

    Inscrite par une amie sur le site de rencontres, Kat Donovan, quarante ans, séduisante inspectrice au NYPD, tombe sur le profil de Jeff, son premier amour brutalement disparu dix-huit ans plus tôt. Mais sous une autre identité.
    Les premiers échanges sonnent faux, distants. Pourquoi Jeff est-il devenu si froid? Aurait-il pu oublier leur histoire, et jusqu'à cette chanson de John Waite dont ils avaient fait l'hymne de leur amour ?
    Blessée par l'attitude de Jeff, bouleversée par l'assassinat de son père et par les révélations récentes du meurtrier, Kat tente de reprendre ses marques en se concentrant sur une affaire de disparitions de femmes. Des femmes piégées, sur Internet, par un homme charmant, dont Kat craint de reconnaître le profil. Qui est vraiment ce Jeff ?
    Soudain, tout dérape. Et la gueule du loup se referme brutalement sur Kat.

  • Anglais Juste un regard

    Harlan Coben

    Et si votre vie n'était qu'un vaste mensonge ? Si l'homme que vous avez épousé il y a dix ans n'était pas celui que vous croyez ? Si tout votre univers s'effondrait brutalement Pour Grace Lawson, il a suffi d'un seul regard.
    Juste un regard sur une photo vieille de vingt ans pour comprendre que son existence est une terrible imposture. Mais le cauchemar ne fait que commencer. Traques, disparitions, vengeances implacables, assassinats sanglants. un suspense à vous couper le souffle, par Harlan Coben, le maître de vos nuits blanches.

  • Anglais Inferno

    Dan Brown

    In the heart of Italy, Harvard professor of symbology, Robert Langdon, is drawn into a harrowing world centered on one of history's most enduring and mysterious literary masterpieces . Dante's Inferno. Against this backdrop, Langdon battles a chilling adversary and grapples with an ingenious riddle. By the author of The Da Vinci Code .

  • Anglais Du sang sur le green

    Harlan Coben

    Le destin d'un golfeur professionnel tient à peu de chose. Une victoire dans un tournoi majeur et il entre dans la légende. Une seconde place, et il tombe dans l'oubli. Jack Coldren ne le sait que trop bien: depuis 23 ans, il ne pense qu'à cet US Open qu'il a laissé filer alors qu'il menait confortablement à l'attaque des trois derniers trous. Un mauvais coup et sa vie a basculé. Le doute, la dépression. Une carrière brisée.
    Mais cette semaine-là, tandis que la compétition se tient sur le parcours qui l'a vu sombrer, il semble enfin en passe de vaincre ses démons. Seulement, tout dérape à nouveau. Son fils est kidnappé dans des circonstances mystérieuses. Son avance se met à fondre. Et Myron Bolivar, lui, commence à flairer le scénario suspect.
    Chargé d'enquêter sur cet étrange enlèvement, l'agent sportif découvre un noeud inextricable d'intérêts croisés, de vieilles rancoeurs et de conflits obscurs en marge des fairways.
    Derrière chaque élément nouveau, la même question revient sans cesse : que s'est-il vraiment passé, 23 ans plus tôt sur le trou numéro 16oe